As of right now, I have not published any books. I am seeking an agent and giving it five years before I release the first book. The end date is: 9/20/2027

However, I will list what I am working on and a few short stories that will be available for free at some point. Currently, I have Shadow Queen in the query trenches, a 100k YA Fantasy.

My next project to query is Grounded, which is currently in the beta stage. I will prepare it for querying in February of next year. Grounded is a 115k NA Urban Fantasy — it will be cut down further in length.

If an agent happens to read this, since my website is listed: ALL books are written to stand alone with series potential, and yes, I’m aware the wide range of audiences is not done. I write to flesh out the world.

What else is there?

Manuscript List:

  1. Kings and Queens–Shadow Queen (Currently Querying) YA four book series. 1 book done, 1 will be split into two to rewrite, final book to be written.)
  2. Fairy Hunters (Will be renamed) – Grounded (Preparing to Query) NA multiple book series. 1 book to edit.
  3. Wild Ones (Will be renamed) MG (Currently rewriting from original YA roughts-2 books will become six.)
  4. Fae Path YA (4 roughs)
  5. Untitled Adult Duology Fantasy
  6. Fairy Garden NA Fantasy
  7. Chosen YA Fantasy (Currently Writing)
  8. 3 Part Untitled ‘Spoiler Series’ written for world-building purposes. One novella and one novel written. Final book will be written in 2023 and then I will sit on it.